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Convolvulus heptaphyllus Roxb., nom. illeg.
es Sinónimo de:
Ipomoea cairica (L.) Sweet

Familia: Convolvulaceae
Género: Convolvulus
Especie: heptaphyllus
Sigla Sp: Roxb., nom. illeg.
Sigla ssp.: -
Sigla Var.: -
Sigla f.: -
Publicado en: Fl. Ind. (Carey & Wallich ed.)
Volumen: 2
Páginas: 66
Año: 1824
Tipos: [Cultivada]. "Of what part of India this is a native I cannot certainly say. It has appeared in one of the nurseries in the Botanic Garden at Calcutta. The seed was most likely received accidentally with some other sorts. Here it flowers during the latter part of the rains, and cold season." Painting No. 1950 by W. Roxburgh (lectotipo, K, designado por Verdcourt, Kew Bull. 15: 11. 1961).
Observaciones: Nom. illeg. hom., non Rottler & Willd. 1803. [Nom. nov. = Ipomoea heptaphylla Sweet]