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Gomphrena polygonoides L.
es Sinónimo de:
Alternanthera paronychioides A. St.-Hil. chacoensis Ssp. (Morong ex Morong & Britton) Pedersen

Familia: Amaranthaceae
Género: Gomphrena
Especie: polygonoides
Sigla Sp: L.
Sigla ssp.: -
Sigla Var.: -
Sigla f.: -
Publicado en: Sp. Pl.
Volumen: 1
Páginas: 225
Año: 1753
Tipos: "Habitat in America meridionali." (Tipo no designado). Láminas citadas como material tipo en el protólogo: Hermann, Parad. Bat.: pág. 17. 1698. Sloane, Voy. Jamaica 1: 141, tab. 86, fig. 2. 1707.
Observaciones: "This name had frequently been rejected as a nomen dubium (e.g. by Pedersen in Darwiniana 17: 438. 1967 and Mears & Gillis in J. Arnold Arbor. 58: 62. 1977) before Mears (in Taxon 29: 91. 1980) attempted to dispose of the name by typifying it using material in Herb. Sloane 2: 106 (BM-SL), which he stated would make it a synonym of Alternanthera sessilis (L.) DC. However, his chosen type is not the material from which Sloane's t. 86, f. 2 (which was cited by Linnaeus) was prepared, which is identifiable as A. paronychioides A. St.-Hil. Although Mears' intention was laudable, a neotype cannot be designated when original material exists (Art. 9.11). Iamonico (in Taxon 61: 1326-1327. 2012) formally proposed the rejection of the name which was recommended by the Committee for Vascular Plants (in Taxon 62: 1322. 2013)." [De acuerdo con The Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project].