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Amaryllis rutila Ker Gawl.
es Sinónimo de:
Hippeastrum striatum (Lam.) H. E. Moore

Familia: Amaryllidaceae
Género: Amaryllis
Especie: rutila
Sigla Sp: Ker Gawl.
Sigla ssp.: -
Sigla Var.: -
Sigla f.: -
Publicado en: Bot. Reg.
Volumen: 1
Páginas: t. 23
Año: 1815-16
Tipos: "An unrecorded species, and not known in our collections, until very lately importetd by Mr. Griffin, from whose botanical pursuits we have already derived the introduction of other new and curious plants. It was received by the way of Portugal, from St. Paul's in the Brazils."